In 1860, a log courthouse was built on a farm for about $2,000 in O'Brien County. For some reason, it was later moved and reassembled in a different rural setting. There it would be used as a school, blacksmith shop, and a stable.


The second courthouse was finished in April of 1874 at a cost of $2,000. This was built in the new county seat of Primghar. This building was replaced in 1887 by a 50 by 54 foot courthouse built for $6,000. An addition was added in 1902 to satisfy the county's growing needs. This courthouse was sold for just over $400 and became a residence.


The present courthouse was built in 1915 for $159,000. It is a large structure of classic design, faces with buff Bedford limestone. The inside hallways are made of Italian marble and the handrails are finished in bronze.

County Assessor

P.O. Box 446

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone:  712.957.3205

Fax : 712.957.8014


County Auditor

Barbara Rohwer

P.O. Box M

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712.957.3225


County Treasurer

Phyllis Rohlfsen

P.O. Box 310

Primghar, Iowa  51245

Phone: 712.957.4185


County Economic Development

P.O. Box 616

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712.957.1313

Fax: 712.957.3015



County Sheriff

Allen Schuknecht

240 1st St. NE

P.O. Box 260

Primghar, Iowa 51245-0260

Phone: 712.757.3415

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County Conservation

4931 Yellow Ave.

Peterson, Iowa 51047

Phone: 712.295.7200



Emergency Management

Jared Johnson

240 1st St. N.E.

P.O. Box 482

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712.757.4305

Fax: 712.757.5445


Dept. of Public Health

Lisa Youngers

155 S. Hayes

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712.957.0105

Fax: 712.957.0115

County Recorder

Susan Smith

P.O. Box 340

Primghar, Iowa 51245

Phone: 712.957.3045

Fax: 712.957.3046


County Engineers Office

Phone: 712.957.3425

Fax: 712.957.4740


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