Garbage Pickup is every Tuesday for residential customers. Town & Country Disposal provided every resident with a wheeled-cart (blue). Carts are due curb-side, lid-opening outwards, by 7:00am for dumping. Waste left outside the cart will not be picked up. If you are in need of a second cart, it is up to the property owner to make arrangements privately with Town & Country. Any questions can be directed to City Hall or Town & Country Disposal 712-472-2473.


Recycling is picked up on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. There is no charge for recycling. Every resident in town received a yellow bin when recycling efforts began in Primghar. If you do not have one, need a second one, or a replacement one, the City has extra available at a cost of $30.00.


Primghar Iowa Solid Waste:

* The fee for solid waste collection and disposal service used or available shall be:

1. For each residential premise --- $13.00 (effective 10/1/14)

2. Commercial garbage fees shall be billed and collected by the contractor and the contractor shall determine such fees.


* LATE PAYMENT PENALTY. Fees not paid when due shall be deemed delinquent, and a payment penalty of one and one-half percent (1.5%) of the amount due shall be added thereto.


Primghar City Dump & Landfill:

The City of Primghar maintains a dumb site located in the southeast corner of town (south of the Airport). Weather permitting, this location is open and accessible during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. If you are unable to reach this location to dispose of permitted items(see below), the City provides a dumpster for your convenience and it is located west of the Light Plant.


Permitted disposal items: Yard Waste (grass, leaves, branches, etc.) and Rock/Stone/Gravel materials.


Unpermitted items: Appliances, Electronics, Household & Industrial waste.


These regulations are itemized in the Primghar City Code (Permissible Sanitary Disposal Project, Title II, Chapter 1) as approved by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


Following inclement weather, causing fallen and broken branches, they city crew provides a city-wide combing and pick-up of such waste. This is usually held on Friday mornings. It is requested that you contact City Hall to provide your address and have your items for pick-up located at the curb.



Electricity/Sewer/Water/Garbage Service Fees:


A. Residential Combined Utility

    Security Deposit $250.00


B. Commercial Combined Utility

    Security Deposit for $500.00



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