• Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)


    Elderly (60 & over) and/or disabled

         October 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017

    All other households

         November 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017


    • Proof of Income
      (for all household members age 19, and over)
    • Most recent 3 months' check stubs, award letter from Social Security or tax return
    • Social Security documentation of
      all household members
    • Recent heat bill
    • Recent electric bill
    • Recent telephone bill


    Please bring copies of your check stubs for the
    three-month period preceding the date of application, or a copy of your federal income tax return.


    This income may include: Social Security Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Family Investment Program, Veteran's Assistance, Unemployment Insurance, and pensions. Please bring copies of your most recent 3 months' check stubs.



    Please bring a copy of your most recent federal income tax return.



    Your Medicaid number is on your Medicaid card. The numbers needed are immediately following your name and number in the aid type box.


    If you receive alimony or child support, it will also need to be verified.



    O'Brien County Outreach Center

    Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.

    140 2nd St., SE, PO Box 462

    Primghar, IA 51245

    PH: 712-957-1023

    HOURS: Mon-Thurs 10-3:00

  • Fees

    1. Turn on or off fee is $30.00 per utility
      (water or electrical)
    2. The fee to post a twenty-four (24) hour or
      forty-eight (48) hour
    3. notice of discontinuation of water service or electrical service is $30.00.
    4. Residential Combined Utility Security Deposit for electricity, sewer, water and garbage service is $250.00
    5. Commercial Combined Utility Security Deposit for electricity, sewer, water and garbage service is $500.00
  • Cash Incentive Programs

    ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fan

    ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer (E)

    ENERGY STAR Decorative Light Strings

    ENERGY STAR Dehumidifier

    ENERGY STAR Dishwasher (E)

    ENERGY STAR Refrigerator Plus Recycling Program

    ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioner

    Residential Heating and Cooling (E)

    Available Cash-Incentive Programs for Businesses in Primghar

    Compressed Air System

    Custom Incentive for Businesses (E)

    Food Service for Businesses (E)

    Heating and Cooling for Businesses (E)

    Lighting New Construction for Businesses

    Lighting Retrofit for Businesses

    Motors/Pumps/VFDs for Businesses

    Specialty Measures for Businesses (E)

    Targeted Audit




    Participating is easy! You can get a rebate application from City Hall or follow this LINK  to print (selecting 'Iowa', 'home' or 'business', then 'Primghar Municipal Utilities'). Mail or drop off the completed form, your sales receipt, and, if applicable, your recycling receipt to:


    City of Primghar

    160 South Hayes Ave

    PO BOX 39

    Primghar, IA 51245


    If you need additional information, please call City Hall. If needed, we can put you in contact with a Missouri River Energy Services Technology expert, either by phone or on-site visit.


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  • Residential

    Residential Customer Rates


    Energy Charge
    June-September:  0.104

    Oct -May 0-1, 1000:  0.097

                    Over 1,000: 0.069

  • Commercial

    Commercial Customer Rates
    Single Phase $24.00

    Three Phase $30.72


    Energy Charge
    0-1, 1000:            0.100

    1,001-10,000:   0.092

    Over 10,000:      0.075

  • Dual Fuel

    Dual Fuel Charge Rates
    Meter Charge    $3.36

    Energy Charge 0.043

  • Controlled Water Heater

    Controlled Water Heater Rates
    Credit Per Month $1.00

  • Controlled Central Air Conditioning

    Controlled Center Air Conditioning Rates
    Credit Per Month from June - September $3.00

  • Power Cost Adjustment Bases

    Power Cost Adjustment Bases Rates
    June - September  0.048

    October - May 0.043

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